June 26, 2014

The Pew Research Center’s Political Typology looks beyond “Red vs. Blue” in American politics, sorting voters into cohesive groups, based on their attitudes and values – not their partisan labels.

Use this tool to compare the groups on key topics: U.S. & Economy, Politics & Elections, Government & Economic Policy, Foreign Policy & Security, Domestic Policy and Religion & Society. You can also compare the groups by their demographics.

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Young Outsiders

This relatively young, largely independent group holds a mix of conservative and liberal views. And while more lean toward the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, Young Outsiders express unfavorable opinions of both major parties. They are skeptical of activist government; a substantial majority views government as wasteful and inefficient. Yet they diverge from the two conservative typology groups – Steadfast Conservatives and Business Conservatives – in their strong support for the environment and many liberal social policies.

  • Key Issues
  • Young Outsiders
  • General Public
Government aid to the poor does more harm than good
Government can’t afford to do much more to help the needy
Homosexuality should be accepted by society
Stricter environmental laws and regulations are worth the cost
Use of marijuana should be legal

Social Characteristics

  • A large majority of Young Outsiders (81%) think "poor people today have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return."
  • Only 42% of this group say they follow what’s going on in politics and government most of the time, and just 30% know that Democrats have a majority in the Senate and that Republicans control the House.
  • Young Outsiders are one of the youngest typology groups; 30% are under 30 and most are under 50.
  • About three-quarters (73%) are non-Hispanic whites, and about as many are male (48%) as female (52%).
  • Just 25% of this group say they attend religious services at least weekly.
Ideological Placement

Distribution of Young Outsiders and the overall public on a 10-item scale of political values. Learn more about the scale.

Young Outsiders make up of the population