June 26, 2014

The Pew Research Center’s Political Typology looks beyond “Red vs. Blue” in American politics, sorting voters into cohesive groups, based on their attitudes and values – not their partisan labels.

Use this tool to compare the groups on key topics: U.S. & Economy, Politics & Elections, Government & Economic Policy, Foreign Policy & Security, Domestic Policy and Religion & Society. You can also compare the groups by their demographics.

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Faith and Family Left

The Faith and Family Left combine strong support for activist government with conservative attitudes on many social issues. They are highly diverse – this is the only typology group that is “majority-minority.” The Faith and Family Left favor increased government aid for the poor even if it adds to the deficit and believe that government should do more to solve national problems. They oppose same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana. Religion and family are at the center of their lives.

  • Key Issues
  • Faith and Family Left
  • General Public
Religion is very important part of life
Immigrants strengthen our country because of their hard work and talents
Government should do more to help the needy even if it means going deeper into debt
Humans and other living things have evolved over time
Favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally

Social Characteristics

  • Fully 85% of the Faith and Family Left say religion is very important and 51% want the government to do more to protect morality -- the highest percentage of any typology group.
  • Most say they voted for Obama in 2012 and this year 63% of registered voters support the Democratic candidate for Congress in their district.
  • The Faith and Family Left includes the highest share of African Americans (30%) and Hispanics (19%) of any typology group; they also have the largest share of foreign-born (18%).
  • One of the least educated (54% have no more than a high school education), and lowest income groups (45% make less than $30,000 a year).
  • Fully 73% say compassion and helping others are core values.
Ideological Placement

Distribution of Faith and Family Left and the overall public on a 10-item scale of political values. Learn more about the scale.

Faith and Family Left make up of the population