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Digital Trends | State of the Media

... com, it lists its content by topic, such as ... the look and feel of a tabloid newspaper
in many ... with another major American property of News Corp., the ...


The Internet News Audience Goes Ordinary | Pew Research ...

... ability to search for news on a particular topic. ... politics and elections have
become hot topics on the ... that the top motivation for election news seekers ...


Public Attitude | State of the Media

... dividing by style and even somewhat by topic. ... main channel, but toward it on
Headline News. ... And the audience declines across the board suggest ...


Digital Trends | State of the Media

... as the first of multiple topic-specific microsites. ... to what are libraries of information
on these topics. ... apart from its other news-oriented competitors is ...


Audience | State of the Media

... who's dating whom remains a hot topic. ... Source: MediaMark Research,
''Magazine Audience Estimates''. ... oldest readership among the news titles we ...