Pew Research CenterJanuary 19, 2012

Section 2: Views of Congress

As Congress returns for the 2012 session, the American public’s view of the institution is as negative as it has ever been in over 25 years of Pew Research Center surveys. Just 23% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of Congress, while 69% have an unfavorable view. These opinions are little changed from […]

Pew Research CenterAugust 1, 2011

Public Sees Budget Negotiations as “Ridiculous”, “Disgusting”, “Stupid”

From liberal Democrats to Tea Party Republicans, there is broad public consensus that the budget negotiations of recent weeks can be summed up in words such as ridiculous, disgusting, stupid, and frustrating. Nationwide, 72% describe the recent negotiations in negative terms such as these; while very few offer a positive (2%), or even neutral (11%), […]

Pew Research CenterApril 7, 2011

Section 4: Congress at 100 Days

As the 112th Congress approaches the 100-day mark, most say Republicans in the House of Representatives are not keeping their campaign promises and fewer than half say they are happy the Republicans won control of the House in last November’s election. Just a third (33%) say that that Republicans in the House are keeping the […]

Pew Research CenterMarch 23, 2011

Obama Tests Well at Start of Reelection Run

Barack Obama currently fares as well against a generic opponent in the upcoming presidential election as George W. Bush did in April 2003, a time when Bush’s job approval rating was much higher than Obama’s is today. He also tests considerably better than Bill Clinton did in March 1995. Nearly half (47%) of registered […]

Pew Research CenterJune 14, 2010

Public Remains of Two Minds on Energy Policy

With the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico now nearly two months old, the public is sending mixed signals about U.S. energy policy. Despite the growing damage from the Gulf oil leak, the public generally favors continuing to drill for oil and gas in U.S. waters. And in setting priorities for energy legislation […]