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Feb. 2, 2015

Election polling | Pew Research Center

... 1990s, more recent elections in 2006 showed little ... Additional topics on election
polling. ... Blue: The Political Typology (2014) June 26, 2014; Political ...

Apr. 10, 2006

In Search of Ideologues in America | Pew Research Center

... names attached to some of the typology groups (such ... tensions that exist even
within political alliances. In short, while the influence of ideas in US ...

Nov. 4, 2014

6 facts about the electorate on midterm day | Pew Research ...

... In the 2006 and 2010 midterms, about half of voters said they wanted to ... We
looked at likely voters through the lens of our Political Typology and our ...

Sep. 16, 2014

10 big questions the Pew Research Center has tackled in the ...

... Our 2014 political typology survey divided the American public up ... on their
attitudes and political values. ... survey, examining the biggest topics of the ...

Sep. 22, 2011

Ask the Expert | Pew Research Center

... We pick those topics when we believe that insights ... We invite you to send your
ideas to info ... through the lens of our “political typology” (see “Beyond ...

May. 11, 2011

Ask the Expert (cont'd) | Pew Research Center

... more on how we determine typology group assignments ... that creates other
challenges for political and social ... For more on this topic, see Chapter 8 ...

Jul. 19, 2010

Ask the Expert (continued) | Pew Research Center

... See our recent report on this topic. ... or most of our “quiz” questions are about
topics they may ... made changes in response to ideas and suggestions ...

Dec. 4, 2008

Obama's Online Opportunities | Pew Research Center

... many societal conversations about a range of topics. ... blog, with its assimilation
into political discourse, politics ... Here are two ideas that emerge from ...