February 22, 2015

February 2015 Political Survey

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Publications from this dataset

Mar 19, 2015

Federal Tax System Seen in Need of Overhaul

Top Complaints: Wealthy, Corporations ‘Don’t Pay Fair Share’

Mar 4, 2015

Most Say Government Policies Since Recession Have Done Little to Help Middle Class, Poor

‘Partial’ Recovery Seen in Jobs, Household Incomes

Feb 27, 2015

More View Netanyahu Favorably Than Unfavorably; Many Unaware of Israeli Leader

Little Change in Views of Level of U.S. Support for Israel

Feb 26, 2015

Democrats Have More Positive Image, But GOP Runs Even or Ahead on Key Issues

Public Remains Split Over 'Who Should Take the Lead' on Problems

Feb 24, 2015

Growing Support for Campaign Against ISIS – and Possible Use of U.S. Ground Troops

Shifting Views on How Best to Defeat Global Terrorism

Feb 23, 2015

Increased Public Support for the U.S. Arming Ukraine

More Still Oppose Than Favor the U.S. Sending Arms to Kiev