August 24, 2014

August 2014 Political Survey

Download the August 2014 Political Survey dataset.

Publications from this dataset

Sep 4, 2014

Views of Job Market Tick Up, No Rise in Economic Optimism

56% Say They Are ‘Falling Behind’ Financially

Sep 3, 2014

More Prioritize Border Security in Immigration Debate

How to Accommodate Undocumented Central American Children in the U.S.?

Aug 28, 2014

As New Dangers Loom, More Think the U.S. Does ‘Too Little’ to Solve World Problems

54% Say Obama Approach on Foreign Policy Is ‘Not Tough Enough’

Aug 28, 2014

More Express Sympathy for Israel than the Palestinians

Many Have Some Sympathy for Both Sides in Mideast Conflict

Aug 26, 2014

Republicans Open Up Wider ‘Expectations Gap’ Ahead of Midterms

Aug 25, 2014

Few Say Police Forces Nationally Do Well in Treating Races Equally

Most Have At Least ‘Fair Amount’ of Confidence in Local Police