October 13, 2013

October 2013 Political Survey

Download the October 2013 Political Survey dataset.

Publications from this dataset

Nov 1, 2013

GOP Deeply Divided Over Climate Change

Oct 21, 2013

Public Registers Bumpy Launch of Health Care Exchange Websites

22% of Uninsured Have Visited Online Exchanges

Oct 18, 2013

Trust in Government Nears Record Low, But Most Federal Agencies Are Viewed Favorably

62% Have Positive View of Federal Workers

Oct 16, 2013

Tea Party’s Image Turns More Negative

Ted Cruz’s Popularity Soars among Tea Party Republicans

Oct 15, 2013

Record Anti-Incumbent Sentiment Ahead of 2014 Elections

More than a Year Out, Democrats Hold Slim Lead over Republicans

Oct 15, 2013

As Debt Limit Deadline Nears, Concern Ticks Up But Skepticism Persists

Despite Image Problems, GOP Holds Ground on Key Issues